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How we help others:


We recently made two seperate donations of 50kg dog food and dog blankets each to Gaven's APU team in Limpopo and CLAW.

Donation to APU LimpopoDonation to APU Limpopo

Our donation to Gaven from APU Limpopo

Donation to CLAW

Our donation to CLAW


How you can help us:


We need help with the following:

1. Transportation costs to Magistrate and High Court trial proceedings. Cost of hiring a bus or purchasing of a minibus for transportation to and from court cases and protests. For example, the ANC Women’s League is very supportive and has been at a few of the protests but unfortunately transport costs are prohibitive. This would immediately alleviate this problem and thus give us bigger more meaningful numbers. 

2. Full/Half or Quarter page newspaper adverts for Campaigns in all major daily newspapers to create awareness, to garner support and to exert pressure on China to dispel this myth, educate their people and prosecute those that deal in illegal Rhino horn. Our aim would also be to exert pressure on South African government ministers and law enforcers to successfully prosecute these cases, deal with corrupt officials and to get its house in order. The biggest publications in South Africa which would get our message across would be the Sunday Times (3800000), Star (Readership of561000), Beeld (Readership of 506000) which have a combined readership of approximately 4,867.000.00. 

3. Banners to have highly visible messages at the particular protests. 

4. Branded T shirts - we always need shirts for the various protests we go to.

5. A position for research, administration and fundraising.

6. Stationery, writing and drawing utensils for awareness programmes.

6. Leaflets & booklets


There will be branding opportunities for sponsors on a letter heads, press releases, banners, pamphlets and all electronic correspondence as well as a vehicle. A link of your company website on our AAA website and Facebook page.


Since we have been campaigning for the Rhino we have received extensive national coverage on SABC 1,2 and 3, The Star/Saturday Star Newspaper, The Beeld, The Citizen, Die Burger, Radio 702, SABC Radio, Jacaranda and Highveld 94.7. International media coverage: Sky News, Gulf Times, India Times, Taipei Times, Chicago Times.

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