Musina Mafia: Dawie Groenewald Syndicate



Dawie Groenewald Syndicate


Dawie Groenewald and his co-accused will face 1872 charges. The indictment is 637 pages long. Advocates for Animals have staged demonstrations at all their court appearances. The last court appearance on the 30th of September 2011 was to inform them that there case will now be heard in a High court. They will be back to the Musina court on the 24th of April 2012 where they will hear where their trial will be held and the start date. The trial will be in either the Pretoria High Court or Polokwane or back at Musina. This depends on easy access for state witnesses. If it’s heard in Polokwane or Musina, all the necessary people, including the Judge will transfer to that court for the duration of the trial. Groenewald – dubbed “the butcher of Pragtig” purchased the rhinos at auction in order to sell their horns and then simply slaughtered them to avoid reducing his profit margin with the upkeep expenses of live rhinos. The suspects faced a litany of charges, including assault, fraud, corruption, malicious damage to property, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, and contravention of the National Environmental Biodiversity Act. WWF South Africa noted via Facebook® that they would “monitor the case very closely.” Suspected “ringleader” Groenewald, along with his co-accused were arrested in September 2010 for alleged involvement with hundreds of rhino poaching incidents and dealing in rhino horn. They were granted bail just days later by the Musina court’s magistrate Errol Luiters. Groenewald is still in the rhino business despite his forthcoming trial.

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