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Brian Boswell Circus Protests


NO NO NO TO ANY ANIMALS USED IN CIRCUSES!! YOUR ENJOYMENT IS THEIR MISERY!!STOP THE CRUELTY!! AAA is taking protest action against Brian Boswell Circus after the airing of video footage documenting the abuse of the animals used in the circus. The first protest took place in Centurion, Pretoria on 21 April, 2013. Brian Boswell Circus Protests


Chumlong Lemtongthai and the Thai stripper syndicate Trial


The trial of the three men, Chumlong Lemtongthai, Punpitak Chunchom and Marnus Steyl, charged with contravening the Environmental and Biodiversity Act relating to allegations that they used Thai prostitutes to apply for hunting permits . Twenty six rhinos were hunted. Read more: Chumlong Lemtongthai

Dawie Groenewald Syndicate


Dawie Groenewald and his co-accused will face 1872 charges. The indictment is 637 pages long. Advocates for Animals have staged demonstrations at all their court appearances. The last court appearance on the 30th of September 2011 was to inform them that there case will now be heard in a High court. Read more: Musina Mafia: Dawie Groenewald Syndicate

World Rhino Day September 2012 


22 September 2012. Read more: World Rhino Day 2012

Chinese Embassy Protest March 2012


The AAA held a very successful protest at the Chinese Embassy. Read more: Chinese Embassy Protest 2012

Circus Protest November 2011


AAA held a protest at the Mclaren Circus on the 20th November 2011, in Boksburg, Johannesburg, South Africa. Read more: Circus Protest

World Rhino Day September 2011 


Our opportunity to really take a stand and STOP China destroying our wildlife for mythical Chinese “medicine”, by international organised crime syndicates based in China & Vietnam, came on World Rhino Day, 22 September 2011, where AAA protested outside the Chinese Embassy in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. Read more: World Rhino Day 2011


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