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Our Mission Statement

AAA is an animal activist organization. Our aim is to bring about legislative change for all animals in South Africa and the rest of Africa through protest action, awareness campaigns, public and school education campaigns, media campaigns and political lobbying.

Our Aim

To bring about legislative change through advocacy and lobbying as legislation prohibiting cruelty to animals is sorely lacking and where legislation does exist, it is not enforceable.

Raising awareness among the public and media through protests, boycotts and press conferences regarding suffering and exploitation of animals.

Create an education program for school children and the general public which highlights options that give you the choice to live a life that is free of cruelty towards animals and creates global sustainability.

Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest happenings and read about our protests here! Also, don't forget to "Like Us" on Facebook so you can follow our progress on all of our current campaigns.

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